Jonathan Doner, Ph.D. - The Origin and Nature of Religion

This year, 2013, I have been giving a number of presentations at various national and international meetings of scientific and philosophical societies. These papers have discussed the origin and evolution of religion and other high-level culture-building symbolic systems. This work has proved invaluable to me in many different ways. Most importantly, it has pushed both the development and the communication of the perspective forward. A list of these presentations is given below. Please contact me with any comments or questions. Some of the papers are links to the full text. Other papers are available upon request.

The power and meaning of symbolic consciousness. Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology (STPP) Div. 24 of APA, Midwinter Meeting, Austin, TX, Feb. 21-23, 2013.

Religion, science, and the psychology of ultimate meaning. Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality (SPRS), Div. 36 of APA, Midyear Meeting, Columbia, MD, Mar. 22-23, 2013.

Whence God? The origin of ultimate concern. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the American Theological Librarians Association (ATLA), Charlotte, NC, June 19-22, 2013

Overcoming two major obstacles to understanding the physical realization of natural intelligence. APA National Convention (Div. 24), Honolulu, HI, Jul. 31-Aug. 4, 2013.

Information redundancy and religious experience. APA National Convention (Div. 36), Honolulu, HI, Jul. 31-Aug. 4, 2013.

Whence God? The individual and social origins of ultimate concern. Advances in the Study of Information and Religion, 3, pp. 1-24.

The archetype of ultimate meaning. Biennial Meeting of the International Association for the Psychology of Religion (IAPR), Lausanne, Switzerland, Aug. 27-31, 2013.

Ultimate meaning and the game of games: Toward a model of individualized Paideia. International Symposium Bildung and Paideia: Philosophical Models of Intelligence, Hvar, Croatia, October, 2013.

The mutual indwelling of self and other. The 2nd Psychology of the Other Conference, Cambridge, MA, October, 2013

Self-interest, ultimate meaning, and the full realization of symbolic consciousness. The Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (SSSR) Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, November, 2013.

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