Jonathan Doner

Jonathan Doner has a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University. He is an independent scholar, a consultant, and an artist. His psychological work is concerned with understanding intelligence as a general property of natural information systems and with the development of a phenomenological understanding of the spectrum of transcendent experience.


Psychological Research and Consulting (DP/DS) –

Digital and Conceptual Artist –


Ph.D. (Psychology), 1980, Vanderbilt University; Harold S. Vanderbilt Scholar.

B.S. (Biology), 1975, Pennsylvania State University; Cum Laude; Honors in Psychology.

Yondan (4th degree Black Belt in Aikido), 2006, International Ki Society; Associate Ki Lecturer, Joden in Shin Shin Toitsu Do

Professional Organizations:

American Psychological Association

 Div. 24 - Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology (STPP)

 Div. 32 – Society for Humanistic Psychology (SHP)

 Div. 36 - Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality (SPRS)

Common Ground Networks, Religion in Society Knowledge Community

International Association for the Psychology of Religion (IAPR)

International Society for Theoretical Psychology (ISTP)

Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (SSSR)


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In Preparation

Doner, J. (in preparation). Principles of Everyday Transcendence: Phenomenology and the Practice of Universal Mind. For submission to The Humanistic Psychologist.

Doner, J. (in preparation). The Efficacy of Information: On the Realization of Natural Intelligence. For submission to Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology.

Doner, J. (in preparation) Evolution beyond evolution: The Inheritance of Experience Through Culture. Wales, U.K.: Mellen Press.

Art Exhibitions:

Current Masters 5, WWAB, January, 2018.

Chester International Art Fair, Chester, UK, 2017.

 “Artist of the Month”, Brampton Framing, Huntingdon, UK, 2017.

New York Art Expo 2017, WWAB/Artiva, NY, NY.

Metropolitan Gallery of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV, 2017.

Oxford International Art Fair, February, 2017, Oxford, England

International Contemporary Masters 11, WWAB, December, 2016.

13th VMRC Fine Art Exhibition, June to August, 2016, Harrisonburg, VA

“Relativity” Small Group Exhibition, March, 2016, Marzia Frozen Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Oxford International Art Fair, February, 2016, Oxford, England

ART UpCLOSE: World Edition 2015, New York, NY.

“Little Treasures” Exhibition, November, 2015, Trevisan International Art, Bologna, Italy

Amsterdam International Art Fair, August, 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tokyo International Art Exposition, May, 2015, Tokyo, Japan

11th VMRC Fine Art Exhibition, June to August, 2014, Harrisonburg, VA

10th VMRC Fine Art Exhibition, June to August, 2013, Harrisonburg, VA

7th VMRC Fine Art Exhibition, June to August, 2010, Harrisonburg, VA

6th VMRC Fine Art Exhibition, June to August, 2009, Harrisonburg, VA – Purchase Award

ArtiSpectrum Magazine, Spring 2009

Altered States of Reality, Agora Gallery, Nov. 19 – Dec. 9, 2008, Chelsea, NYC, NY

Re.Action Exhibition, Annmarie Garden Sculpture Park and Art Center, May 30 – Sept. 8, 2008, Solomons, MD

C & O Gallery, August, 2006, Charlottesville, VA

Krescent Moon Gallery, Spring, 2006, Staunton, VA

Starr Hill Gallery, October/November, 2005, Charlottesville, VA


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Digital and Conceptual Artist –